2017 US Zip Code Update

18th March 2018

The latest version of the US Zip Code Tabulation Area boundaries are available now. Change the version on your existing maps to use the new boundaries.

Jason Adams


1st August 2017

The benefits of territory mapping software are well known. Collaboration and sharing between sales managers and sales personnel, greater sales efficiency, and increased profits. It also gives a visual perspective to sales territory on an interactive map, allowing the discovery of hidden insights and patterns not possible in spreadsheets. was designed with the specific goal of making a simple yet effective territory mapping tool. Global corporations, small and medium enterprises, and franchise managers can now easily map out their territories in an easy to use cloud based tool.

Here are some of the features that make stand apart:

  • Cloud based - No software to install, access your designs from anywhere.
  • Lightning fast - We have optimised our web-based maps so they load immediately.
  • Automatic updates - We keep our boundary and demographic information automatically up to date.
  • Simple, Intuitive design - Create and maintain your territory maps using a simple point and click interface.
  • Export Data - So your designs aren't trapped in our tool.
  • Import Data - Existing designs, store locations, sales figures can all be integrated with our maps.
  • PDF Generation - Create ultra-high resolution maps of your territories for printing and presentations.
  • Integrated Demographics - For effective territory balancing and alignment. is free to try so why not sign up today.

Jason Adams